They’re Killin’ Me!

If you have children and they want to drive… don’t let them… ever. Three kids have started their driving career in the same car. #1 kid… no problems. #2 kid… wrecked the same car to the point of not being drivable. Car was repaired for #3 kid who also wrecked it to the point of…

Ritual Profiency

So, two days ago, I tested for my second┬álevel of ritual proficiency for Kappa Sigma… Grand Master. I received my first level, Grand Master of Ceremonies, in 1993. I have a plan to complete all six within the next year or so. It’s funny… I thought I did okay yesterday, but it is most certainly…

A New Journey

Back in January, I petitioned Harrison, TN Lodge No. 114 F&AM for membership. I just felt like I should be more of service to people. I have known of the Masons and their service for many years and I am way past due in making something of myself in a capacity outside of family and…

Seeking Hosting Advice

I am looking to downsize and get rid of my server cabinet and the servers inside. As such, I need a place to host my websites. I have tinkered with AWS and had a brief look at RackSpace. Do any of you have suggestions for a cloud server provider?

New theme

As I am prone to do, I am tinkering with a couple of new themes for my web presence. I sincerely appreciate your patience during this time of transition.