Back in mid-December, I was wracking my brain about how I might contribute a little more to the local Masonic community and it occurred to me that I might be able to help in the same way I have helped other organizations I have been interested. With those other organizations, it was simply about creating some sort of web presence where none existed before. That was not true in this case. had already been in place for approximately six years and remained largely unchanged over that period of time. Since its inception, mobile devices have come on stronger than anyone could have imagined, yet the Chattanooga Masons website remained unchanged. While it still provided a good service and did so in an effective manner, improvements were in order.

I began by cranking up a simple WordPress site on my own AWS web server. After getting the site up and running, I proceeded to seek control of the domain name, which the owner was happy to turn over. At that point, it was all over but the crying. A few keystrokes and the domain name was pointing to the new website. The website is largely a compilation of Google calendars. However, I made some general interface improvements, made it MUCH more mobile friendly and added some features like links to lodge Facebook pages, websites and maps.

So far, reception of the new site has been phenominal and I couldn’t be more proud. If you’re interested, have a look! The site can be found at

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