The date for my 3rd degree is 6/10/2016. There was a lot of thought put into this date. My first degree was on 4/1, April Fool’s day. My second degree was on 5/13, obviously, Friday the 13th. The challenge was finding a date in June that was equally interesting as the previous two degree dates. On any other year, there would not have been an interesting date in June, but this year, 6/10/2016 is interesting because it is a palindrome. It’s the same forward and backward. Luckily, it is my 28th day too.

I’ve had a couple of people say things to be about this degree. The one that stuck was “Your first two were for you, this one’s for us.” Obviously, that could be taken a number of different ways. I will choose to take it as simply something special to behold. I hope a lot of people are there. I have really come to love the brotherhood displayed at the lodge. I have only visited one lodge since my first degree. I look forward to visiting many more.

See y’all on the 10th of June, 2016.

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