2nd Lecture Complete

So, that just happened. I just went in to work on my 2nd lecture with my mentor and, although I thought I had it pretty well, my mentor thought it good enough to make me do it again with an audience and make it official. Now, it is just a matter of setting a date…

Memory Work for MM

Last week, I started my memory work so that I may attain the 3rd degree in Freemasonry. So far, it is very easy compared to my last lecture. I should have this knocked out by the end of the week. Wish me luck!

2nd Degree

I received my second degree tonight. It was everything everyone said it would be. I have always been, but especially tonight, impressed with the great care all of these gentlemen put into the degree work. It was truly a pleasure to have been a part of it. I feel like I’m in the home stretch…

Date Set for 2nd

The date for my 2nd degree is May 13, 2016. I have been told this is a very pretty degree. Pure excitement, not really nervous like in the 1st. Woohoo!

1st Lecture Complete

I finished my 1st lecture for purposes of advancing to the 2nd or Fellow Craft degree. Heart was pounding, but I was told I did very well. Just waiting for a date now. I’m excited.

Memory Work for FC

I have begun the memory work for advancement to the 2nd degree or Fellow Craft. So far, I have been able to retain much more than I thought possible. Hopefully this will continue to be the case.

1st Degree

I became an Entered Apprentice tonight. It was absolutely everything I thought it would be and then some. I haven’t experienced anything like that in a very long time… 23 years, to be exact. Looking forward to Fellow Craft in about 28 days… hopefully. What a night!


I am having a bunch of mixed emotions today. A long-time friend posted on Facebook, last weekend, a story about her son and a serious motorcycle accident he had been in. She talked about the accident itself, the injuries, of course, but she also talked about something that took me back after my day today.…

They’re Killin’ Me!

If you have children and they want to drive… don’t let them… ever. Three kids have started their driving career in the same car. #1 kid… no problems. #2 kid… wrecked the same car to the point of not being drivable. Car was repaired for #3 kid who also wrecked it to the point of…

Ritual Profiency

So, two days ago, I tested for my second┬álevel of ritual proficiency for Kappa Sigma… Grand Master. I received my first level, Grand Master of Ceremonies, in 1993. I have a plan to complete all six within the next year or so. It’s funny… I thought I did okay yesterday, but it is most certainly…