Okay, so 2018 and 2019 sucked pretty bad. In 2020, I have resolved to stop being a victim of circumstances… personal and professional.

On the personal side, there was the aforementioned “Event” from back in 2018. So many emotions attached to that particular item… I have cycled through them all. I’ve settled on defiance. I’m going to stare it in the face, do what I can and be patient until I can do more. It may be many years before anything actionable presents itself, but that’s what I’m gonna do.

On the professional side, I’ve been a little frustrated. Back in 2014, I left my job as a Systems Administrator and became a member of, what was at that time, the Disaster Recovery team, as a Disaster Recovery Analyst 2. A couple of years later, that team became the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery team and I still did what I was doing with disaster recovery. Then there was a little shake up in department leadership. The new boss more fully integrated the two parts of the team and everyone began to do what everyone else was doing… cross-training. I don’t have a problem with cross-training, but doing things on the DR side of the house became less and less of my focus. I don’t like it. I tried to like it, but I don’t. A few title changes, now a Business Resiliency Analyst, and a reduction in salary grade later, here I am. Oh, apparently, I can’t be promoted until another person on the team retires. I don’t like not being in control of my professional advancement.

I think, from a professional standpoint, I need to seek pleasure elsewhere. Since I’m not leaving my current job, the pay is still very good, I think my choice is to take one something else away from my “day-job”. I have resolved to become a Certified Professional Genealogist. It takes some time, but if I’m doing something I like, I might as well get paid for it. Hang on! It’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

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