I am, mostly hurting, but I am having a bunch of mixed emotions today. A long-time friend posted on Facebook, last weekend, a story about her son and a serious motorcycle accident he had been in. She talked about the accident itself, the injuries, of course, but she also talked about something that took me back after my day today. There was a period of time, apparently about 15 minutes, between the wreck and when she knew something had happened. During that time, her son lay there… on the ground… apparently, alone.

My friend came to the conclusion that her son was not, in fact, alone. God was right there with him the whole time. She said the haunting feeling she had been feeling about this 15 minutes just went away when she had the realization that God was with her son.

This morning, my daughter called our home to tell me that her and my youngest son had been in a wreck, but when I initially answered the phone, I was only half awake and wasn’t speaking very loud. She didn’t know I had answered the phone because she couldn’t hear me and therefore, she didn’t speak. I just hung up the phone thinking she had accidentally butt dialed me. Luckily, she called back and I spoke louder. Nevertheless, this evening, after reading the story of my friend’s son, I feel sick. There for a few minutes, my daughter couldn’t reach me in a time of need and was, in a manner of speaking, alone.

I know I’m not a bad father and I know that God is watching over my children. They are both saved. It just occurs to me that I have been taking things for granted. With everything happening in our world, there are so many opportunities for things to go wrong… for our loved ones to be taken from us. I know it is all in God’s plan, but I hope my kids realize that life is a temporary gift from God. He is entitled to and will, in fact, bring us home when our purpose on earth is fulfilled. I hope my two youngest children… I have three… realize that God was with them this morning and that they have a purpose, ordained by Him and that purpose will be fulfilled before they are brought Home… no need to speed up the process though.

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