Back in August 2022, I bought a drone. Without going too far into it, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

It occurred to me a few weeks ago that the drone was a waste of money and, living so close to the airport, I was unable to fly it in the manner intended. As such, I decided to sell it. I was firm on my price and, eventually, someone bought it.

My next thought was, since this was my bonus money, “what am I going to spend this on?” My line of thinking was, with the drone, before too long, I would have to upgrade and drones are not cheap. I was interested in something I wouldn’t have to upgrade as much and something that might be considered a “life-skill.” As I thought about it, I harkened back to when I owned a guitar.

With my mind made up, I started researching. The website kept popping up and I found that this was probably the best online retailer for guitar-related things. It kind of caught me my surprise, but I found that I already had some preferences. For example, I wanted a guitar with a cutout, so I could get to those bottom frets. Eventually, I landed on an Alvarez AGE910 Artist Elite Deluxe Acoustic-electric.

I made the purchase and the guitar, with a few accessories will be arriving on 1/6/2023. I am excited. I have already planned out my initial itinerary for finally learning this instrument. I have made some additional purchases for some apps and website subscriptions and hope this will finally be the year I learn a musical instrument in a way that I can say “I know how to play a guitar.” It is one of my bucket list items, after all. 🙂 Wish me luck and discipline!