Okay y’all. I’ve been working, for a week or so, to optimize this website and have also enabled comments on new posts. I would love it if everyone played nice and refrained from anything I might deem inappropriate for my blog. The decision lies, solely, with me. I will be the judge, jury, and executioner.

These posts are, generally, from the heart. I put time and brain cells toward them which I could use to be doing something more destructive. I look at them as a form of therapy, so be nice.

DO NOT post any comments about politics or you will be summarily removed. My household and immediate family have differing views on such things and we have learned to be civil to one another. Please consider doing the same when commenting. Also, this is my blog. I reserve the right to post my opinions as I deem fit. That might include politics, it might not… probably not. That being said, it’s not a double-standard, its about ownership. I own the blog and its contents. I do what I want here.

I love that you have taken time out of your day to read my stuff. Sometimes its a little, sometimes its a lot. Sometimes its deep and other times, it isn’t. Sometimes, you may disagree. If you do, that’s fine… just keep it civil. Love y’all! -Andy

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