Wow, where to start? How about a list… here we go…

  1. Melissa’s mom has had rough time, but is very much still alive and kicking. Strong lady right there.
  2. Cathy is employed again, no thanks to our spineless DA, Neal Pinkston. David is too!
  3. I have been participating in the Chattanooga Citizens Police Academy. What a great experience!
  4. Melissa is rocking on. Having a bit of a rough time because of her mom, but also a strong lady!
  5. Not sure if I mentioned this earlier, but we got a new dog, Cooper. He’s a nut.
  6. Callie is still with us and keeping Cooper in line.
  7. Christopher is pretty status quo. Employed, but not in his field of study, still employed though. Works for me.
  8. Taylor is clipping a long and is slated to graduate ChattState with an associates degree.
  9. John was just initiated into Kappa Sigma and is finishing up his first year at Tennessee Tech.
  10. Mom and Dad are doing fine, no major changes there.
  11. I finally got my new truck. 2018 Chevy Colorado Centennial Edition. Love it!
  12. I’ll be receiving two of the last three York Rite degrees tonight. I’m excited. Looking forward to finishing this up.

I’m going to try to get back in the swing of things and start writing more. We’ve just had a lot going on.

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