Today is strange and a bit sad for me. Today is the anniversary of an event that I cannot commemorate in a public way. It is related to some other posts I have made, which are a bit cryptic, in nature. The reason they are cryptic is because, if I were to reveal their true nature, it would, likely, hurt people in a way that I would never want to do.

One day, perhaps, I will be able to talk about and discuss those things, but for now, it just isn’t possible. I was hoping that writing a little would help, but it really hasn’t. I really look forward to the day that I can talk about this to certain people who are a part of it and I hope those people are as willing as I am to talk about it. A large part of it will be general acceptance of events that transpired many years ago. I’m afraid that acceptance won’t ever happen and I can’t find out for an amount of time that only God knows.

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