Masonry began in England in the days when the beautiful old Cathedrals were being built. The craftsmen who designed those magnificent buildings, and those who built them, organized themselves into lodges. Each lodge elected a Master to head the group and other officers to lead it – those ancient lodges were the beginnings of Masonry.

In ancient times, the word “Worshipful” meant “Respected”.

Because one Master Mason was elected by the members to lead them, he was given the title Worshipful Master indicating that he was a respected Master Mason.

In modern Lodges, a new Worshipful Master is elected each year. The Worshipful Master serves as the chief officer of the Lodge, and presides over all its meetings. The Worshipful Master wears a hat during all proceedings of the Lodge. The significance is not that the Master is wearing a hat out of some sort of preeminence, but rather the other members are not wearing hats out of respect.

“Why Is He Called ‘Worshipful Master’?” Billie Mosse Lodge,

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