Back in 2010, my mom had a liver transplant. I remember that being a great day because we had had so many trying times leading up to it. We knew Mom was going to be okay. It was just a matter of how long it took her to get a new liver.

Yesterday, my mother-in-law went to a walk-in urgent care clinic and found out that her liver enzymes and blood sugar were extremely high. They started the process of scheduling her for a sonogram. Today, she was advised to go to the ER due to some other symptoms that crept in.

A little while ago, after an abdominal CT scan, we have been told that she had a 4.6cm tumor on her pancreas. Suffice to say that we weren’t expecting that diagnosis. Interesting thing is that, before leaving the house to go to the hospital, Melissa read something about pancreatic cancer matching the symptoms her mom had been showing.

So, now, we are waiting to be transferred to a different hospital for a, likely, surgery. It remains to be seen what type of tumor it is, whether it is cancerous, etc., etc. More later.

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