About me

Andy Barber

Resilience Professional

I am a business and cyber resilience professional for a large insurance company. I enjoy a wide range of subjects, which are somewhat represented on this web page. Some of this information might seem personal, but I'm comfortable revealing it. Additionally, I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a Freemason, a Kappa Sigma, an amateur genealogist, and some other things... depending on who you talk to about me. I love music, movies and nerdy things. I am not a fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, comics, anime, or those types of nerdy things. I like to believe I am a little deeper than most people think. Friends of my youth knew a different person than I am now. This website is, in part, to try to recapture the more pleasant mindset of my childhood and get some things off my chest as much as possible.